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Priceless Projects brings your ideas together and makes them a reality. Have you seen a project on HGTV but can't quite pull it off? Perhaps a Pinterest project that you absolutely love and want one of your own, but just don't have the time or skills to complete it. We have also built custom furniture based on store pieces, but redesigned for the clients needs. You know the cryptex of Di Vinci Code fame? We've made those out of all real wood. One client even wanted an aquarium from a vintage television and Priceless Projects completed that one as well, even using the old 1950s knobs as light and filter controls.

Owner Aaron Price has a passion for all creative projects. Working in machine shops and other related industries, he's honed his skills in his own garage to craft special pieces that are each unique unto themselves. Give him a call and get that project completed and in your home or backyard. Aaron will work with your vision and bring it forth to be something that you will not only be proud of, but a conversation piece, as well.

This is new world craftmanship at its best.

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